Good news! Affinity Photo likes me!! ::happydance::

Just a test (nothing special, but good enough for the purpose: it worked!!) 🤗    (©️Robin King)

Yes! See that image above? Affinity Photo let me create it. It’s a multi-layered piece made up of two photos, one scan, and digital painting/editing. Here are the photos and scan: 

Scan of an acrylic mess I made several years ago. (©️Robin King)
Photo of an industrial trash bin (©️Robin King)
Photo of my eyes, from before the dawn of selfies.   (©️Robin King)

I was able to easily turn the component images into layers – then blend, edit, and paint them. Combining the layers to export wasn’t intuitively obvious so I did it wrong a couple of times but finally figured it out. Unfortunately, when I attempted to create a smaller web-friendly image to post here, I accidentally clicked wrong and destroyed the large original. I should’ve made a duplicate first but didn’t. It’s OK: entirely my error, not Affinity Photo’s. And not a big loss. 

So there it is: I can use Affinity Photo the way I need to. YAY!!! As soon as I check a few more things I’ll pay the $24.99 to buy it. Pixelmator Pro was terrific but it costs more and money rules sometimes. 

15 thoughts on “Good news! Affinity Photo likes me!! ::happydance::”

  1. Very nicely done, Robin 👍 If you want to make a copy, go to Edit > Copy Merged. This saves the file to the clipboard. You can then go File > New From Clipboard (or make a new file). I then do File > Export, select a format and save to my desktop (later to be organized into specific albums). Another trick is to Edit > Copy Merged (or use shift+option+command+E) and paste the full version on top of the stack. Then, use the Tone Map Persona on a copy & Apply. This provides interesting effects you can blend, etc.. One of my favorite function is to make copies & go to Filter > Distort > Mirror and experiment with settings. When I reduce file size for the web, I usually go Document > Resize Document…change the size & Resample at Lanczos-3 (non separable). Anyway, that’s my two cents. have a nice day :)

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  2. Hi!!! Thank you!! Yes! It’s turning out to be GREAT! So is Pixelmator Pro (I got that, too, since it was also on sale)! Between the 2 of them I think I have what I need. If not, I can crank up the old Mac & use Photoshop Elements there. Have you ever used Affinity Designer? Is it different enough from Affinity Photo to be worth getting? I like the stuff they show in their graphics text previews. 🥰👋

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  3. Phil!! Hi!! Thank you soooo much!! I don’t think I’ve used the Tone Map Persona yet. I’ll try it tomorrow morning!! And thank you about the Mirror filter one, too. 💥WOW!! 💥 ……. 🥰👏

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  4. You’re most welcome, my friend. The mirror filter is awesome! When using it, you can click you mouse on screen to drag the center point to different locations, too. It’s almost like a kaleidoscope.

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  5. I haven’t tinkered much with Designer. It’s basically their answer to Illustrator, so if you do vector designs, you’ll want to try/buy. I snagged all three at one point because they were on sale

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  6. Hi!!! Thank you!! I ended up getting Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Plus (it was on sale). That’s plenty, I think, esp. bec I still have old versions of PhotoshopElements hanging around on old desktops just in case. Oh, wow…vectors. ::shivers:: I tried Inkscape years ago and a couple of vector apps on iPad but I get tangled up with the nodes and the points and the lines that fly out automatically…LOL…one of these days I’ll give vectors a try again when I have an actual project in mind. Goals help! 🥰👋

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