I Dream of Sunshine

Brusho Sunburst Lemon sitting on a work-in-process

Where are you, sunshine? Where’s your twinkly kiss? I dream of you in the morning. I need your light. You can vanish in the afternoon; I don’t care. But don’t be shy in the morning. Dazzle me! Sparkle me! Give me hope for the day. 

Some people are night creatures, others are at their best mid-day. I’m a very early morning person. My day is front-loaded. Everything useful I’ll do, I’ll do before noon. But I need sunshine! Unfortunately, our recent weather has been murky glop. Humid, warm, dark. 

This morning is sunny but I have to do things other than art. More murk is headed our way and will move in for nearly a week. What to do?

I’ll have to make my own sunshine.

That’s where those Brusho crystals come in. I bought them in the depth of winter, haven’t had the courage to open the package because even though it was a small expenditure it was still money and there’s a lot of pressure on me to use those crystals well. But that little tub of “Sunburst Lemon” is going to be my dream-come-true in the coming days: sunshine on demand.


The mixed media piece above is acrylic paint, metallic cord, and the holes from hole-punching old advertising circulars. It’s not quite finished. 

Here’s Brusho, if you’re interested: https://www.dickblick.com/products/brusho-crystal-colours/

6 thoughts on “I Dream of Sunshine”

  1. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine!!! 🌞🌞🌞 I just added this Brusho stuff to my wish list, never heard of it, but it sounds like a really good time! Thanks for sharing and have fun, I can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

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  2. Oh, my gosh, that’s so nice of you to say!! And the same to you! 🥰 The Brusho crystals are meant to be used for watercolors, I think, but their colors are intense & I’ve used them before like little “pigment bombs.” They’re not powder so they mix unpredictably, which I love! Thank you soooooo much!!!! 🤗👋

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  3. Awww, thank you!! 🥰 Brusho crystals are meant for watercolors, I think, but their colors are intense so I like to use them as pigment crystals in acrylic paint. So cool! I hope you like them if you try them! Thank you again! 🤗👋

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