Speaking of hair…

She’s messy but she doesn’t care.

The last time I sketched/drew more than illustrative digital scribbles was late 2017. The reason isn’t important. What matters is that I’ve been worrying that I won’t be able to sketch/draw again. I wasn’t all that great at it to begin with. How could I magically improve during a protracted absence from the activity? One of the reasons I restarted this blog is because I’m going to paint again. The other reason is that I want to – need to – sketch/draw again, if only because I like making the marks. 

But seeing others’ work has begun to freak me out.



So: this afternoon I did a small sketch. I like the fact that her face doesn’t look much like the reference. Instead, her face looks like most of the faces I used to do. That’s a good thing, I think. I also like the way her hair seems to tumble. I haven’t done well with hair so this was a nice surprise. Over all, I like the sketch.

But! Even though I adore making them, I don’t like my typical all-over-the-place marks. I aim wrong and then keep adding marks until I finally end up where I want to be but the result is messy, like a mouse with muddy feet skittered thru it. Example: what appears to be her ear is supposed to be her ear lobe with a dangly earring. Oops. On the other hand, lots of weirdly haphazard marks can turn into easy shading, not an awful thing. But in a couple of spots that tumbling hair does resemble sections of a human being’s large intestine. Not great.

Still, this lady with the lopsided hair looks like the people I used to do. She’s not worse and not better. Nearly four years’ absence doesn’t appear to have stopped me from sketching/drawing. It didn’t make me magically better at it, either. 


(5B pencil on paper that has something on its other side)



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