Hair, Hair!

Not creepy.
Oooo…fascinating edges.

Textures! I love “not flat” images! I want my eyes to make me feel like I’m touching the art.

A few months ago I chopped off my “COVID hair” and finally (after years of dyeing) accepted the fact that it’s white. White, white, white. It’s been going white since I was in my mid-twenties so no surprise that now I look like I’ve been wandering hatless in a blizzard. 

Anyway, that hair up there is some of the last bits of the charade. Thanks to the lockdowns and isolation and now my gasping-for-air budget, hair care as I knew it is over. I kept the hair, tho. Creepy? Maybe. But why not use it, mixed into paint, for texture? Why not give it a new purpose? 

That applies to the honeycomb cardboard packing insert, too. I saved it from recycling to use it as a painting tool. I’ll press it into paint and then stamp the edges on the ground. Whatever it looks like ought to be interesting!

Stay tuned.



  1. Hair definitely provides interesting texture! I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities I see in hair, but I’ve never found any practical ways to work with it. Then again, maybe practicality is over-rated. We do have a museum in the KCMO area that’s dedicated to Victorian Hair Art. Quite an interesting place. I occasionally end up with hair in my oil painting, or more likely oil paint in my hair. Yesterday I had a candle burning while I was getting ready for a “spa day”, bent over, my long pony-tail flipped into the flame, and I went “poof”! Fortunately I have enough hair left to cover the damage, but my the unforgettable stench of burned hair! I’ve made a rule now — no flames in the spa! You do know, I suppose, that you’re inspiring me to add more texture to my work. So is Quirks LTD, another blogger. So maybe I’ll have to start saving some hair. it will go nicely with all those cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel. I’ve got quite a lovely collection of those!

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    1. Hi!!! Thank you!! I tried little snips of hair mixed in with a texture medium once. The hair pieces were tiny & barely distinguishable from the texture threads in the medium so I’m not certain how well the hairs really worked. But I can’t imagine how hair would be bad, even these longer pieces. Thank you for the museum link – I’ll check it out!! You use oil! That’s great. I wish I could but oil paint gives me a raging headache, even after a few minutes. YOW! Your hair caught on fire!?! Scary!! LOL – you collect those tubes, too! I like to cut into them & make shapes to “paint” with. They’re also cool to use as rollers on paper that’s glued to paint or the canvas. And they’re freeeee!! Quirks LTD? I’ll look for that. Thank you again! 🥰👋 Edited to add: Found the Quirks LTD blog – very creative!! 🤗

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      1. Yes, I use oil, but only the water-soluble oils. No toxic messes around my studio! You can get single tubes of “Winsor & Newton Artisan” water-soluble paint at most craft stores and art supply companies, so you might want to pick up a tube or two and see if you’re able to use them without any reaction. Clean-up is easy with soap and water! I love my water-soluble paints! I first started using them because of restrictions where are art club meets. The facility didn’t allow any toxic materials, so other members were using the water-mixable oils. I gave them a try, and now, I’ll never go back to the “old” way.

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        1. Oh, they’re terrific! I did try them several years ago, loved how they moved and blended. But by then I’d been spooked by just the concept of oils, read how flammable they can be, and went back to acrylics. It was summertime and very hot – I had this picture in my mind of the paints “spontaneously combusting” right on their canvases…🔥…scary. It was a SILLY overreaction. But scary. Maybe if they’re on sale sometime when I can get to a store I’ll try them again!! They really are excellent. Thank you!! 🤗👋

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  2. Yay for you for embracing your true hair, I’m sure it’s beautiful! I didn’t have a single grey hair until the day I turned 50, then all of the sudden, there it was, so weird! You know me, I put everything into my art, hair included, and sometimes it’s by accident! 😁

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