Think of this as an artistic palate cleanser, OK? Like sorbet, but after it fell on the floor and people stepped in it.

It’s a face!

I made this creature with joy and I love looking at it. But I know that it isn’t well-crafted. How could it be? I threw stuff at it, slammed paint on, ignored my own good sense when I knew –  KNEW – that the tempera sticks weren’t blending and my marks looked like an inebriated elk made them. I cut paper and glued pieces to the board, and I didn’t even try to make the cuts even or the placed pieces straight.

Why? After a long absence from creating non-digital art I “choked.” But that’s never a reason to stop trying! This result was this…whatever it is.

I’ve decided to look at it as the piece between the work I did before and the work I’m going to do now,  a completely separate and bizarrely taste-adjacent thing in between. 

Palate cleanser art – fun to make and to mock. Enjoy! 

(Tempera sticks, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, cut paper on foam board)

10 thoughts on “Think of this as an artistic palate cleanser, OK? Like sorbet, but after it fell on the floor and people stepped in it.”

  1. Holy wha-wha! What a great title, Robin! I kinda think the “inebriated elk” is kinda talented 😊 – I call ’em “blow-outs” when I do it, and sometimes it’s just whenever, lol! Creativity’s gotta flow, right? ☺️ I really do think yours is rather intriguing ❤️

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  2. You are soooooo kind!! Thank you!! I love the “blow-out” name! And I’m relieved to hear that someone else has had that happen – I thought it was just me and was getting worried. But yes, it’s all about creating!! Many thanks!!! ♥️🥰👋

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  3. LOL!!! I am also laughing about the “inebriated elk” line!! All too relatable!!! 🤣😂 But honestly, it’s really a cool piece, embrace it, love it and I am excited to see your work you are going to do next!😊😁

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  4. Haaaa!! I’m probably a couple steps behind that poor elk, in terms of skill! But I’m trying! Thank you very, very much!! The more I see this thing the more I like it. There’s hope! LOL – Thank you again!!! 🥰👋

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  5. Great ideas here! I like the palette cleanser art idea too! That’s what my mono prints are. Left over paint doesn’t need to be wasted. Just pick it up by pressing down a paper on top of it and you have an abstract. Then decide what you made. Your art looks like you have fun with it!

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  6. Hi!! Thank you very, very much!! Your mono printing is terrific!! And, yes, about the fun. I’ve reached the point in my life where stuff had better be at least a little bit fun or I’m not especially interested in wasting my time on it! 😂….🤗👋

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