Paper Face (Part One)

Tempera paint sticks and paper – work-in-process

Have you ever tried tempera paint sticks? They’re what I used to sketch this face. It’s the foundation for what will be covered with bits of torn (and cut) paper. I love tearing pieces of paper then assembling them into something else. At this point I don’t know how much of the tempera face will show through the paper or how much I’ll leave uncovered. Everything depends on how the paper pieces and the paint react with the glue. It’s an exciting process! 

8 thoughts on “Paper Face (Part One)”

  1. Hi!! They’re like big gooey crayons that turn into paint. From the way they’re marketed I think they’re mainly for kids, probably bec they’re not messy? I don’t know.They’re also inexpensive & the colors are luscious! For me, they’re perfect for drawing a base layer to build on and scan. I’ll eventually try them on canvas board, too, to if they play nicely with acrylics. Mine are from Sargent: Wow! That’s a long url! LOL It works; I tested it. Thank you!!!! You made my day!! 🥰👋


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