Because I’ve already been massively careless this morning…

©️Robin King

…this will be a very short post.

See that face up there? For years I used it as my avatar. It’s half of a larger piece. I don’t like the other half of the image AT ALL. Blecch. I didn’t like it when I made it. I like it less now, which is why I’m not sharing it here. But they “need” to be together and I don’t know why. That’s today’s mystery to solve. Wish me luck! 


    1. Hi! I probably worded the post badly. The other half is another face, one that seems to make sense of this one. I don’t like how it’s done but removing it or changing it will alter how it relates to this one. This one needs to have the other one next to it in spite of the fact that the other one’s not the way I think it should be. LOL Maybe I’m being too critical of it. Thank you!! 😁👋

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