Start a Good Habit. Now!

How do you start a habit? Repetition. You do the thing consistently. Lately, I’ve been the opposite of consistent when it comes to blogging. Years ago I posted every day. That was a good habit and it paid off. Not only did I sell art but I also made some amazing friends  and – yes – had fun! 

I want that habit again. It made my life better and – I hope – other people enjoyed it, too. The trouble is that sometimes there’s nothing interesting to say about my “artistic process.” That means posting about non-face and non-art topics, maybe even posts about ::gasp:: life.

Ready? OK, here goes!

  • I’m still not sure which theme to use here. I like the newspaper front page look (instead of this scrolling thing) but also want the logo/tagline. Haven’t found a free theme yet that includes both. So…testing, testing, testing.
  • Is anyone else a freaked out by all the volcanic activity in the past few months?
  • We need rain so I’m glad it’s falling but WOW it’s coming in the basement and that’s bad.

Oh! I nearly forgot: as soon as the sun shines again I’m going to test some BLEEDING TISSUE PAPER. The first time I tried it, all I managed to do was turn it to a slurry of mooshy colors that stained my fingers. This time I’ll follow the instructions. Maybe. 😂

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Start a Good Habit. Now!”

  1. Looking forward to more wonderful artworks, Robin ~ your faces are fantastic!!! Regarding WordPress themes…I’ve always enjoyed free themes by Elmastudio, perhaps Nikau or Zuki might be of interest. On the other hand, newer themes are more fully compliant with the block editor – for instance, the theme I use (the default theme, Twenty Twenty-One) allows for your choice of many, many different “patterns”…pre-formatted post layouts, where you can simply replace placeholder images with your own artworks. I used different patterns on my site all the time. Best wishes, my friend :)

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  2. Hi, Phil!! Many thanks!!! 🥰
    Thank you for the theme suggestions, too – I’ll check them out. Here’s a confession: bec of a leg injury, sitting at my desktop is tough so I’m using my iPad. I thought sticking with the Classic editor for now would be less risky since I don’t know how to use it yet. But even that is a challenge. I’ve had more than one post draft just disappear – gone! – and one lose half of itself before I could hit “Publish.” This week I’m going to use the desktop, see what I can accomplish quickly there. My guess is that things will work OK & that I can at least try the block thing.

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  3. I hope your leg is OK. re: Block Editor – Featured Images work the same, so does typing – just click in the editor and type. If you hit ‘return’, it creates a new block below – do this to insert an image (options – either type “/image”, or click the brown “+” icon and select “Image”…then, it’s the same – load your image from your media library, or upload). each block (image, video, paragraph, header, etc.) can be moved up or down simply with the up/down arrow selector. When typing words/paragraph, you can easily change the size of text and/or color, in the right sidebar. Hope these tips are helpful ~ have a nice week ahead, Robin 🌞

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  4. Cindy!! Thank you for being here!!!! ((((happyhugs)))) Yes, that bleeding tissue paper seems like a great thing to use but I think I may have the wrong idea about it. I figured it could be cool as a ground (?) when watercolors landed on it. But now I wonder if it’s best to,
    use as a color transfer tool. The scarf thing sounds great! Well, I’ll just have to try it, see what happens. Will let you know. Thank you again!! 🥰👋

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